シェイクツリーバーガー&バー / Shake Tree Burger & Bar

11/13 (Sat) - 11/30 (TUE)

シェイクツリーダイナー / Shake Tree Diner

10/30 (SAT) - 11/14 (SUN)

Blast Off‼︎
Burger Planet‼︎

Ten years ago, on my way home from work late at night, I suddenly stopped pedaling my bicycle and decided I was in the exact place where I wanted to open my restaurant.

I came up with the name “Shake Tree” – based on the saying “Shake one’s tree” which means to make someone happy and started to think about original recipes for food and drinks. As a result, we’ve been serving customers and building great memories for 10 years.

We consider the time and space we spent similar to what would be involved in creating a new planet. For this reason, Shake Tree has become “Burger Planet” for this anniversary event.

We’ll be offering our standard food and drink menus that have been loved for the past 10 years, as well as food and drinks that are only available at the event.


We’re Better Together

It’s because of the support of our staff and customers that we’ve been able to reach the milestone of 10 years.

We’ve experienced many things that we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish by ourselves, but we did because we worked as a team.

During this 10th anniversary event, our staff members, who have been a driving force behind our success, will write about their thoughts on the team and what a team is. We’ll also have a display in the restaurant showing off some classic photos and the uniforms the team wore on opening day.

Please come and share our memories of the last 10 years and try out some of the limited-edition menu items we’ve prepared for this event.


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Shake Tree Burger & Bar and the 1st anniversary of Shake Tree Diner, we’ll be serving The Anniversary Burger at both locations.

The anniversary burger is made with crispy cheddar cheese, cream sauce, and mozzarella cheese which mix to provide an out-of-this-world taste. The texture of the crispy cheddar cheese, which resembles the rings of Saturn, and the homemade cream sauce make for a creamy-crunchy experience. It’s truly a cheese lover’s delight!

シェイクツリーバーガー&バー / Shake Tree Burger & Bar

10th Anniversary Menu

11/13 (Sat) - 11/30 (TUE)

  • Demi-Cheese-Earth
    Demi-Cheese-Earth 1,650

    Two bun tops are used to create a burger that looks like the earth floating in space. The homemade demi-glace sauce, with onion and red wine, has a sweet flavor and aroma that is the best match for the juicy patty. Pop it open to see what’s hiding inside!

  • 1Onion-Rings
    1Onion-Rings 650
    10th オニオンリング

    Shake Tree's most popular appetizer, our Onion Rings, are thick and crispy, which is the secret to their popularity. This time, we added our original chili mix to the batter to create a different kind of onion ring for adults. The spicy aurora sauce goes so perfectly with the onion rings that they just might be addictive!

  • Galaxy Bombs
    Galaxy Bombs 550

    Created in the image of many stars spread across the universe, this mocktail can be served before, during, or after a meal. A sphere of Ramune sorbet slowly rotates in the Kiwi soda. The melted Ramune sorbet and fresh kiwi combine to provide a frappe-like experience.

  • Fantasy Mint Planet
    Fantasy Mint Planet 850

    This two-layered dessert shake combines a chocolate ice cream base with a mint shake on top. The crunchy texture of the chocolate cereal along with the unique appearance make this a “must-try” item for shake or dessert fans.

Photo for reference only.

シェイクツリーダイナー / Shake Tree Diner

1st Anniversary Menu

10/30 (SAT) - 11/14 (SUN)

  • Wildin’Out
    Wildin’Out 1,800

    To celebrate the first anniversary of Shake Tree Diner, The Wild Out – which has been a favorite since the opening of the original Shake Tree – is now available in an even wilder style with rice between the patties! As its name implies, this burger is a little "too wild" or "too dangerous” and we’re sure you’ll love the adventure it provides. The rice soaks up the burger juices and tastes even better than you can imagine!

  • Space Lettuce Wrap
    Space Lettuce Wrap 850

    A colorful vegetable salad featuring cherry tomatoes, red onions, cheddar cheese, avocado, and black olives in romaine lettuce. Wrap it up, pick it up and enjoy a different way to eat salad.

  • Blast Cooler Lemonade
    Blast Cooler Lemonade 500
    ブラストクーラーレモネード (NON-ALCOHOLIC)

    The popular lemonade from Shake Tree Diner’s first-ever event, "Twist & Shout" in August 2021, is back with a new look and touch of lime juice to change things up. For this event, we’ve even turned it blue to represent the color of the earth.

In addition to the non-alcoholic version, a vodka-infused version is available for ¥650、The non-alcoholic version is available To Go for ¥550

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Shake Tree Original Goods

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Shake Tree Burger & Bar and the 1st anniversary of Shake Tree Diner, we’ve got original T-shirts, socks, and sticker sets.
Let’s show our Shake Tree spirit!