The idea behind the burgers at Shake Tree is “meat plays the leading role.”


Our 100% beef patties, the stars of every burger, are hand-cut, coarsely ground shoulder loin and thigh meat so you can taste the juiciness of a Hamburg steak and enjoy the tender texture.


The brioche buns – specially ordered and baked only for Shake Tree – that support the stars are slightly sweet and very light but tough enough to support the ingredients.


In addition, sauces and spices give each burger a personality.


Come and enjoy a variety of playful burgers, such as the “CCC (Crispy cheddar cheese, Cream cheese, Caramelized onions)” and the “Wild Out ®” that challenge the concept of burgers.



While visiting the United States, I went to a restaurant that changed my life.


It was very crowded, incredibly busy and no one came to our table to take our order for quite some time.


I was about to give up and leave when a server came running over to our table, sat down next to me and said, “Sorry for keeping you waiting. I’ve been so busy! Let me take a break…”


After a moment he said, “OK! What would you like to have? I really like …” and he went on to make recommendations from the menu.


He interacted with me like I was his friend. I had never experienced customer service like this before. I was shocked!


Everything we ordered, both the food and the drinks, was delicious and his service and hospitality made me lose track of time and enjoy the meal. It gave me a really warm feeling.


When I looked around the restaurant, I noticed that everyone, regardless of age, gender or race, was cheerfully enjoying their meals.


I unintentionally blurted out, “I want to run a restaurant like this!” I was slightly surprised by the thought, but it became my dream.


I was convinced that I could reproduce the atmosphere of that restaurant by delighting others so I came up with the name “Shake Tree” – based on the saying “Shake one’s tree” which means to make someone happy – and we opened in 2011.


I, and the entire staff, look forward to seeing you at Shake Tree where we hope to help you enjoy your time with your family, friends, co-workers and loved ones with our concept of “Let’s Have Fun!”


CEO Yuta Kimura



Our Business Hours Update

For the time being, Shake Tree Diner will only be open from 11:00 to 18:00 (17:30 L.O.)