7/11 (TUE) - 7/30 (Sun)

What's Chili Fest?

What’re “Buffalo Wings??”
Buffalo Wings are said to have originated in the city of Buffalo, New York, USA in 1964.
Although they have “buffalo” in the name, they’re not made from buffaloes! They’re chicken wings that have been deep-fried and coated in a spicy-sour sauce.
The city of Buffalo has declared July 29th to be “Chicken Wing Day” and it’s celebrated across the country.
Since 2012 Shake Tree has celebrated this occasion but we stretch it to 18 days!!

It’s become one of our most popular annual events.

Last year’s event, our 11th, was renamed【CHILI FEST】in the hopes of “transcending barriers, having fun, and bringing people together.”

Let’s approach CHILI FEST with the single-minded devotion of true-wing aficionados. Come in and enjoy the same great Buffalo wings everyone knows and loves along with some tasty new sauces and drinks.
We’re looking forward to seeing you!!

Our Wings are cooked just for you.

They’re always fresh and delicious!

  • Buffalo Classic
    Buffalo Classic

    This New York classic is sour and spicy, served with blue cheese dip, and it’s totally famous. This is the one you want if you’re looking for traditional buffalo wings!

  • Exxxxxtra Hot
    Exxxxxtra Hot

    This exciting sauce is even hotter than the classic. It’s a super spicy sensation that will set your mouth on fire.

  • Spicy Bar-B-Q
    Spicy Bar-B-Q

    Shake Tree’s usual BBQ sauce enhanced with a spicy twist. It’s not too spicy, but it’s sure to be addictive!

  • Sichuan Pepper
    Sichuan Pepper

    The numbing sensation of hana sansho combined with the spiciness of chili peppers makes for an appetizing hot sauce.

  • Wasabi

    The aroma of horseradish with a hint of spiciness is not only hot but also brings out the flavor of the chicken in this stimulating sauce.

  • Curry

    This is the perfect summer combustion sauce with spicy accents and the richness of curry.

    BROOKLYN LAGER 200ml ¥600
    400ml ¥1,100

    Enjoy the appealing hop aroma and lingering caramel malt flavor.

    SORACHI ACE ¥850

    It’s refreshing citrus, lemongrass, and herbal aroma helps balance the spiciness.


    It’s tropical fruit-like aroma and firm bitterness make this an easy-drinking choice.

  • Chili Beer
    Chili Beer ¥850

    A bright, red-colored chili beer made exclusively for CHILI FEST. This is a hot and spicy beer that will make your mouth burst into flames the moment you take a sip. The dried jalapeño pepper on the side adds a flash of spiciness, too.

  • Pineapple Ginger
    Pineapple Ginger ¥600

    A new spicy mocktail with hot ginger ale and spicy chili peppers that will make light your throat on fire! Let your mind and body heat up!

Drumettes 6pcs

with 2 Drinks


(tax included)

Choose 1 Flavor

Bottled Beer

    SORACHI ACE ¥850
  • Drumettes 6pcs with 2 Shakes
    Drumettes 6pcs with 2 Shakes ¥2,800

    Sauce: Spicy Bar-B-Q
    Choice of Banana or Strawberry Shakes

  • Drumettes 9pcs with French Fries
    Drumettes 9pcs with French Fries ¥2,300

    Sauces: Buffalo Classic, Spicy Bar-B-Q, Curry
    French Fries (240g)

  • Drumettes 6pcs with French Fries + 2 Beers
    Drumettes 6pcs with French Fries + 2 Beers ¥2,300

    Sauces: Spicy Bar-B-Q, Curry
    French Fries (120g)
    Sorachi Ace
    Defender IPA

  • Drumettes 6pcs + 1 Beer
    Drumettes 6pcs + 1 Beer ¥1,500

    Sauces: Spicy Bar-B-Q
    Choice of Sorachi Ace or Defender IPA

  • Sorachi Ace
    Sorachi Ace ¥850
  • Defender IPA
    Defender IPA ¥850