7/16 (Sat) - 7/31 (Sun)

What's Chili Fest?

What’re “Buffalo Wings?? “
Buffalo Wings are said to have originated in the city of Buffalo, New York, USA in 1964.
Although they have “buffalo” in the name, they’re not made from buffaloes! They’re chicken wings that have been deep-fried and coated in a spicy-sour sauce.
The city of Buffalo has declared July 29th to be “Chicken Wing Day” and it’s celebrated across the country.
Since 2012 Shake Tree has celebrated this occasion but we stretch it to 14 days!!

It’s become one of our most popular annual events.

Now, in its 11th year, the event has been renamed【CHILI FEST】in the hopes of “transcending barriers, having fun, and bringing people together.”

Come join us for some spicy buffalo wings!!! Of course, if hot and spicy sauce isn’t for you, we also have a mild version so you don’t have to miss out on the fun.
We’re looking forward to seeing you!!

Our Wings are cooked just for you.

They’re always fresh and delicious!

  • Exxxxxtra Hot
    Exxxxxtra Hot

    This exciting sauce is even hotter than the classic. It’s a super spicy sensation that will set your mouth on fire.

  • Buffalo Classic
    Buffalo Classic

    This New York classic is sour and spicy, served with blue cheese dip, and it’s totally famous. This is the one you want if you’re looking for traditional buffalo wings!

  • Lemon Pepper
    Lemon Pepper

    Crispy and crunchy wings with the refreshing taste of lemon and pepper will soothe your taste buds this hot summer!

  • Spicy Bar-B-Q
    Spicy Bar-B-Q

    Shake Tree’s usual BBQ sauce enhanced with a spicy twist. It’s not too spicy, but it’s sure to be addictive!

  • Genovese

    The aroma of garlic and basil in this Genovese sauce will whet your appetite as they combine with extra virgin olive oil to enhance the flavor of your wings.

  • Peachy Aurora Sauce
    Peachy Aurora Sauce

    Mint-flavored peach liqueur mixed with aurora sauce may seem like an unexpected combination but they make this Shake Tree original a sauce that is as seductive as it is addictive.

  • Corona Extra
    Corona Extra
    コロナ エキストラ

    The world's most popular premium Mexican beer is characterized by its unique, easy-drinking taste and gentle flavor. We’ll add the lime so you can raise a toast Corona style!

  • Budweiser

    An American beer that is known and loved around the world, “Bud” has a sweet, smooth taste that makes it the perfect match for Buffalo wings.

  • Pink Grapefruit Coronarita
    Pink Grapefruit Coronarita
    ピンクグレープフルーツ コロナリータ

    Shake Tree’s spin on the Coronarita, a bold and impactful Mexican classic cocktail, is made with a pink grapefruit margarita during CHILI FEST. This fun cocktail lets you adjust its flavor by just lifting the bottle.

  • Chili Beer
    Chili Beer

    A bright, red-colored chili beer made exclusively for CHILI FEST. This is a hot and spicy beer that will make your mouth burst into flames the moment you take a sip. The dried jalapeño pepper on the side adds a touch of spiciness.

  • Summer Pink Grapefruit Tea
    Summer Pink Grapefruit Tea

    With its slightly sweet black-tea flavor and its pink grapefruit bitterness, this mocktail is definitely recommended for hot summers.

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