Halloween is almost here and that means it’s time to head to Shake Tree for RIBONES. From October 24th through October 31st you can join our annual celebration of All Hallows’ Eve. The theme of RIBONES 2020 is Alcatraz and if you’re up for some scary Halloween fun please check out our new video on YouTube or here on the ShakeTree site.

As always, we’ve got baby back ribs on the menu for this special occasion. Baby back ribs are the leanest ribs around and we smoke them for a day and a half to bring out the flavor. We’ve created two tasty new dishes featuring Heinz sauces and two new drinks just for this occasion.

First up is Classic BBQ.  2 ribs with Heinz Classic BBQ Sauce.  This true American classic BBQ sauce is sweet, thick and deliciously balanced.

Next, we have Bourbon BBQ.  2 ribs with Heinz Bourbon BBQ Sauce. This sauce is where real bourbon, a hint of smoke, and the spices and seasonings of traditional “dip” come together for the true taste of BBQ.

This year, in the spirit of our Alcatraz theme, we’re also featuring a 2017 Twisted Cabernet Sauvignon from California. If you’re looking for a trick, try an “American Lemonade” which is the Twisted Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 California haunted by Grenadine and original lemonade. Those of you looking for something non-alcoholic are in for a treat, too. We’ve brewed a drink we’re calling “American Dream” by mixing non-alcoholic red wine with Grenadine and original lemonade.

This event is always popular so it’s a good idea to make a reservation if you don’t want to miss out. Check out the full RIBONES 2020 menu here and then click here to make your reservations.

Hurry in and get some RIBONES… They’re only available for a limited time.

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