Chili Wars 2020 Menu

Finally, the menu for Chili Wars 2020 has arrived!

This year, in addition to the usual classic wings (with bones), you can now choose no-mess, boneless wings. Boneless wings are delicious on their own but for a unique wing experience try our Taco Set. Wrap your boneless wings in tortillas and top them with lettuce and tomatoes.

There are 5 flavors. To start, we have the traditional sauces for Buffalo Wings with increasing levels of spiciness. We’ve also got the garlic-flavored Aioli sauce that was popular last year plus a new flavor, “Consommé Elbow,” with a bit of heat that is definitely addictive!!

The drink menu has also been powered up. The Chili Wars exclusive non-alcoholic “Cola Breeze” is a refreshing drink made by mixing Pepsi Cola with our secret recipe honey lemon juice. We’re also featuring 5 types for beer from Brooklyn Brewery ®. They’re the perfect match for Buffalo Wings.

You can get any item on the Chili Wars 2020 menu as Dine In or To Go. They’re all fun and delicious anywhere you eat them!

Let’s eat Buffalo Wings, drink beer and have fun!

Chili Wars
Shake Tree Burger & Bar

Pre-order available.
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To Go: 03-6658-8771

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