Shake Tree Diner Original Style Fried Chicken 2021

Crispy, American-style Fried Chicken Special Event Starting March 17th through May 9th.

Enjoy crispy, American-style fried chicken instead of Japanese fried chicken! ︎ We’re soaking chicken thighs in a special sauce and dipping them in a crispy, crunchy batter to spice them up.

Eat In Special: 1 Piece for 700 yen
To Go Special #1: Fried Chicken Sandwich and a Drink for 1,750 yen
To Go Special #2: Fried Chicken Sandwich and a Heineken for 2,100 yen

These specials are only available for a limited time, and we’ve got limited quantities available each day, so come and get them while they last.

Enjoy these freshly fried, hot and crispy chicken treats with a drink and a view of the cherry blossoms blooming just outside of Shake Tree Diner.

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