Shake Tree Burger & Bar 11th Anniversary

Thanks to your support, we’re celebrating Shake Tree Burger & Bar’s 11th anniversary on November 12, 2022.

In addition to marking 11 years of serving your favorite burgers, we’re also excited to announce the approval of our trademark for everyone’s favorite bunless burger, the Wild Out.® The registration was approved in September of this year, and the Wild Out® has officially become Shake Tree’s signature menu item.

From Friday, November 11 to Sunday, November 13, you can join our celebration featuring the Wild Out.®

Dreamt up and served when Shake Tree Burger & Bar first opened in 2011, the Wild Out® attracted a great deal of attention and was featured on TV and in magazines because it’s a “burger without a bun” and a “carb-free burger.” People from all over the world visited to try the Wild Out® and even now, more than 10 years after first appearing on our menu, it’s still so popular that people say, “When you think of Shake Tree, you think of the Wild Out®!”

If the Wild Out® is your favorite burger, or even if you’ve never tried one, we’re hoping you’ll stop by during our celebration. Try different toppings or make it a double, add extra cheese or skip the tomato. You never know, you might just end up with a new favorite when you create your own original Wild Out.®

“Shake Tree Burger & Bar 11th Anniversary” t-shirts and other limited-edition merchandise will also be available for purchase in-store during this three-day celebration and online only starting November 14.

We’re looking forward to seeing you as we start working toward our 12th-anniversary celebration!

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