Saturday October 23rd through Sunday October 31st Only at Shake Tree Burger & Bar

RIBONES is the Shake Tree Burger & Bar Halloween event that brings you baby back ribs and an original, spooky story.

In 2018, our RIBONES event started as a play on words. “Reborn,” an old horror movie title, became RIB BONE which became RIBONES. In 2020, we shared the legend of the beast “RIBONES.” Now, we’re back with “RIBONES: Birth” which explains how the beast was born.

We hope you enjoy the story of the beast RIBONES as well as our limited edition RIBONES menu.


Served with French Fries

  • Island BBQ
    The birthplace of the beast RIBONES is the Island of Alcatraz, off the coast of San Francisco. Our Island BBQ Ribs use homemade lemon marmalade as an accent to our original Shake Tree BBQ sauce because San Francisco has a long history of growing citrus fruit. The sweet and sour combination in the lemon marmalade works in perfect harmony with the Cajun spices of our BBQ sauce and combines nicely with the crispy outer surface of the baby back ribs.
  • Golden Mustard
    A slightly mild spicy sauce based on Heinz yellow mustard mixed with honey, mayonnaise, cocktail sauce and horseradish This creamy sauce is a sure winner for anyone who loves BBQ and we hope you’ll enjoy it with our baby back ribs. The smell of the horseradish makes these ribs addictive!


  • Nightmare Birthday
    This dark-colored milkshake is inspired by the nightmares that RIBONES causes. It’s a cocoa milkshake with sprinkles and jellybeans plus the added sweet and sour flavor of raspberry sauce!
  • Dark Spirits
    Dark Spirits contains the spirit of the beast and lures everyone who drinks it into the nightmare of RIBONES. This cider mocktail is infused with a mouthwatering gelatin that gives it a thick texture and a delightfully refreshing taste.


This year, in response to many requests, we’re also offering a special RIBONES package that you can take to go. Enjoy Shake Tree’s most popular cheeseburger plus baby back ribs at home!

Special To go Pack

  • 1 Cheeseburger
  • 2 Baby Back Ribs
  • French Fries
  • 1 drink (Coke, Diet Ginger Ale, or Oolong Tea)

Reservations and To-Go Orders can be made through TableCheck. Please use choose below:

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