シェイクツリーバーガー&バー / Shake Tree Burger & Bar

12/12 (Tue) – 12/25 (Mon)

シェイクツリーダイナー / Shake Tree Diner

12/11 (Mon) – 12/25 (Mon)

2023 is almost over.

Shake Tree Burger & Bar and Shake Tree Diner have prepared heartwarming holiday menus for you to enjoy. Each restaurant has its own unique menu so be sure to visit both locations.

As usual, Shake Tree staff will be wearing their “Ugly Sweaters” so come in to find out if they really are ugly!!

12/12 (Tue) – 12/25 (Mon)

Ho~Ho~Holiday Burger

This Holiday Spirit exclusive burger, with blue cheese sprinkled on top, will remind you of a white Christmas,

The bacon jam, which was a big hit during our RIBONES event, adds a subtle sweetness to the flavor and the aroma of the blue cheese will whet your appetite.


To Go: 1,800

Delivery: 2,500 (with a drink)


Roast Chicken
Original Balsamic Dressing


Holiday Cheer with Hoegaarden

Hoegaarden White

Small (200ml) 650 | Large (400ml) 1,000


Hoegaarden Rosée

Small (200ml) 650 | Large (400ml) 1,000

  • While + Rosée 1,100

    Hoegaarden White 200ml + Hoegaarden Rosée 200ml

  • White 400ml + Roast Chicken Salad 1,500

    Hoegaarden Whit 400ml + Roast Chicken Salad

  • Rosée 400ml + Ho~Ho~Holiday Burger 2,500

    While + Rosée 400ml + Ho~Ho~Holiday Burger

  • Perfect Half & Half 1,300

    Ask your server for details

Cookies 'n Cream Cheesecake

Shake Tree Burger & Bar’s popular cheesecake topped with a slightly bitter cream sandwich cocoa cookie.

This is a great opportunity to try this classic American dessert.

1 Slice (1/8)

To Go: 850

Roast Chicken Holiday Spirit Box
Roast Chicken with Steamed Veggie

Shake Tree Roast Chicken has been a favorite holiday menu item since we opened. It’s an indispensable part of Shake Tree’s Holiday celebration.


A whole chicken is marinated in homemade lemon garlic sauce for two days and then slow-baked in the oven.

 The crispy outside and the juicy inside will delight your taste buds, while the fresh lemon flavor adds some zest to your holiday meal.


Our original balsamic sauce features diced onions simmered until tender in balsamic vinegar. The juiciness of the chicken and the refreshing flavor of the sauce is a match made in heaven.

Pre-orders accepted
11/21 (Tue) – 12/22 (Fri)
Until 20:30

Pre-orders must be placed at least 3 days before the delivery date.


Pick-up period
12/15 (Fri) – 12/25 (Mon)

To Go: 3,500

12/11 (Mon) – 12/25 (Mon)


Shake Tree’s Original Fried Chicken is an impressive fried chicken with a crunchy batter which is based on the traditional cooking method of the southern United States, the birthplace of fried chicken!

This year, we’ve increased the amount of batter to make it even closer to authentic American fried chicken.

2 Pieces 700

To Go: 750

Meat pie

These holiday treats are made with the same beef as our Shake Tree burger patties. We’ve added onions sauteed until candied plus a special concentrated tomato sauce and wrapped it all up in a pie shell.

1 Piece 450

Holiday Cheer with Hoegaarden

  • While 1,000

    Hoegaarden White 400ml

  • White 400ml + Homemade Onion Rings 1,300

    Hoegaarden White 400ml + Onion Rings

  • White 400ml + Original Fried Chicken 2 Pieces 1,300

    Hoegaarden White 400ml + Original Fried Chicken 2 pieces

  • White 400ml + 2 Ham & Cheese Sliders 1,300

    Hoegaarden White 400ml + Ham & Cheese Sliders


Coca Cola

Melon Soda

Fanta Grape Soda


This sweet treat is inspired by the holiday lights decorating Shake Tree locations. The colorful chocolate is melted just right and the moist, freshly baked cookies are a perfect match with the cold ice cream.


2-Pieces Original Fried Chicken
with 2 Meat Pies & French Fries

2 Pieces of Original Fried Chicken with 2 Meat Pies & French Fries
 This special holiday set consists of 2 pieces of Shake Tree Original Fried Chicken and 2 Meat Pies plus French Fries wrapped to go in Shake Tree’s original packaging.

This To-Go exclusive set is available for pre-order through TableCheck or by phone.

Pre-orders accepted
11/21 (Tue) – 12/25 (Mon)
Until 20:00
Same-day orders accepted

To Go: 1,700