Chili Wars 2020

Coming Soon: CHILI WARS 2020

“CHILI WARS” is back!

“CHILI WARS” is Shake Tree’s original summer event that gives you a chance to eat a lot of spicy buffalo wings and helps you survive the hot summer.

It starts on 7/21(Tue) and runs through 7/26(Sun).

Buffalo wings are a classic American bar food that was invented in 1964 in Buffalo, New York. They’re an unbreaded chicken wing (flat or drumette) that is deep-fried, then coated in spicy sauce or BBQ sauce and served with blue cheese or ranch dipping sauce.

They’ve been one of the most popular items at Shake Tree since our opening and they’re great with cold beer!!!

During “CHILI WARS”, we have limited-time only hot sauces and, this year, 5 kinds of beer from Brooklyn Brewery®! Try them here with us or take them to go.

Let’s eat Buffalo Wings, drink beer and have fun!

Stay tuned for more details!

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